Feeling down – What’s wrong with me?

I haven’t really wrote on my journey in SL for a while but I feel that RL shouldn’t completely be separated. Your emotions in RL reflects how you are in SL. So I am going to try and write more. In SL, just like RL there are individuals who look to SL for an escapism.… Continue reading Feeling down – What’s wrong with me?

B.Barbie Special- Betty Boop Collection

Look 1 – Betty Boop Gown Hair: Letituier – Audrey Hair in Light Blond Jewellery: **RE** –  Mara Set (includes Bracelet and Rings) Dress: B.Barbie – Betty Boop Gown from the Betty Book Collection Shoes: BREATHE : Kaori Heels – Red Lips Look 2 – Betty Boop Swimsuit Hair: Letituier – Tamara Fat Pack (Red) Jewellery… Continue reading B.Barbie Special- Betty Boop Collection

How can I become a Model in Secondlife?

There are so many fun and creative roles within SL. One that was attractive to me was modelling. Fashion plays a huge role within SL and I am so intrigued with the designs and features that are available. I have my own sense of style and I felt that through modelling, I’d be able to use… Continue reading How can I become a Model in Secondlife?