B.Barbie Special- Betty Boop Collection

B.Barbie Betty Boop2_001

B.Barbie Betty Boop3_001

B.Barbie Betty Boop4_001

Look 1 – Betty Boop Gown

Hair: Letituier – Audrey Hair in Light Blond

Jewellery: **RE** –  Mara Set (includes Bracelet and Rings)

Dress: B.Barbie – Betty Boop Gown from the Betty Book Collection

Shoes: BREATHE : Kaori Heels – Red Lips

Betty Boop Swimsuit2_001

Betty Boop Swimsuit4_001

Betty Boop Swimsuit5_001

Look 2 – Betty Boop Swimsuit

Hair: Letituier – Tamara Fat Pack (Red)

Jewellery **RE** –  Mara Set (includes Choker, Bracelet and Rings)

Nose Serpo: Zaara: Ayanna Nosering in Gold *Clear*

Swimsuit: B.Barbie – Betty Boop Bathing Suit from Betty Boot Collection

Shoes: BREATHE : Kaori Heels – Red Lips





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